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I just came back from the Health Systems Process Improvement Conference in Orlando and it was a GREAT experience! I met so many great people who are working in eliminating waste out of the healthcare system.  I find it inspiring when so many people from all different backgrounds and age groups are working on helping solve the problems we have with waste in healthcare. I learned about simulations, modeling and applying Systems Engineering and Operations Research to solve complex healthcare problems.  I learned about patient Continue reading →

Visual Management at the wedding

Who says a Puerto Rican wedding is not a good place to find examples of Visual Management? On our latest trip down to Puerto Rico, my brother-in-law got married.  At the reception, during one of my trips to the bar, imagine my surprise when I saw the display shown in the picture!  I immediately thought, “I have to share this with the World!”  By the way, in case you are wondering, the signs say “Knife”, “Cork Opener” and “Opener” from left to right.  Now, one Continue reading →