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Change Management Secrets

Over the last 3 decades people have resisted because, as one of my dear friends said just tonight (talking about a completely different topic), “Human beings resist change”.  Some more than others, we all resist, even fear, change.  I do it, you do it and to a certain extent everybody does it. Think you are immune?  OK, Superhero, have your spouse rearrange the spice rack or the food pantry tonight and see how much fun it is to get used to the new way.  It Continue reading →

Lean does not work in __(fill in the blank)__

At first, it was: “Lean does not work in the West”.  Granted, I was not part of that wave, but it happened.  Then, we proved them wrong. After Detroit and Fremont showed the World that Lean could and, in fact, did work in the Western Hemisphere, it started spreading.  But then, it was: “Oh yeah, it works in the automotive industry, but that doesn’t work in the aerospace industry”.  Then, we proved them wrong. Even still, when I made the move from OEM (Original Equipment Continue reading →