Monthly Archives: October 2014

Taking the name of Standardization in vain

I am a big proponent of standardization.  In fact, I often call it “my one-string banjo”.  When I made the move from the aerospace industry to healthcare, I was appalled at the lack of standardization and resistance to it.  I have been quoted as saying, “there are 7 CRNA’s performing the process 9 different ways”, because not even one person does it the same from one time to the next! There are many opportunities for standardization in healthcare.  But that does not mean “cookbook medicine”.  Continue reading →

Adding Value: The Three C’s

This is the second part of the post I started last week about Adding Value. Last week we talked about how to recognize waste and the seven (or nine) waste categories.  If you need a refresher, take a few minutes to review it. Now that we have a way to identify waste, let’s talk about how we define value.  If you look up the definition of value, you will find that value is “the importance, worth or usefulness of something”.  That is exactly how we, Continue reading →