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Theory of Constraints

These days of Healthcare reform are requiring organizations to look at their existing processes and improve them.  We sometimes hear words like “efficiency” or “productivity” following the “improve” piece.  In my interactions with many healthcare organizations, it sometimes amazes me that people, very smart people, very often think that the only way to improve throughput of a process is to throw more resources at it.  “We need more staff“, is a familiar cry for help we have heard often.  Every time I hear this, however, Continue reading →

Box 3 Thinking

Today’s post is not my average post talking about lean concepts and examples of how I see these concepts used in industries ranging from manufacturing to healthcare, nonprofits and government. Today I want to share with my readers the good fortune I had last week.  I had the opportunity to observe a talk by a gentleman who has been ranked #3 in the list of Greatest Business Thinkers of our time.  He has written books that have been #1 in the Wall Street Journal Best Sellers list.  I am Continue reading →